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Geocaching Buddy for iPhone 7.00 released

"Powered by Geocaching Live" makes it possible to search and download caches directly from geocaching.com in a convenient way.

Version 7.00 has a number of new features such as:

shaken smartphone

- "Shake to show description" to show/hide the cache description
- Logging from the geocaching notes page with an optional photo
- Apple and Google maps supported
- etc.

More details on the support page.

Geocaching Buddy for Android

In October 2010 I've worked together with an Android developer to create the first release of GCBuddy for Android.

Check it out in the Android Market by searching on Geocaching or scan the QR code below:

QR code of GCBuddy

What people say:

Itunes image


new features

Geocaching ToolKit 1.3

The geocaching toolkit I've been working on is called iGCT, as a hommage to the first toolkit developed for a PDA called PGCT. PGCT was my inspiration for starting this iPhone project! Thanks to team Sweetlake for handing over all necessary mathematical formula's for this utility. It saved me a lot of time so I could concentrate on the user interface!

Have a closer look at:

  • The products page where more detailed information is given about this toolkit and a link to the App Store is given.
  • The igct support web site with screenshots and explanations optimized for viewing on an iPhone.
  • The original version PGCT for the Windows Mobile platform (Dutch only).

Coffee Time

Coffee TimeAfter all programming for the geocaching apps (GCBuddy and iGCT) it was a pretty simple to solve the standard problem everybody faces when getting a round of coffee/tea/choco for co-workers.

Extensive searching in the App Store learned there was no app for that so I did write this small simple utility to do exactly what was needed: maintain a list of drinks and make it extremely easy to count what everybody wants. More details at:

Coffee time support site Dutch and English.