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E-mail: info@btstsoft.nl
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About BtStSoft

Been there, Seen that...
Done that, and even got the T-shirt!

Wim Verhoef, founder of BtStSoft, co-founder of eliboM, heard this phrase the first time from a development manager of an American company. He liked that phrase. It expresses experience and after 20 years of work in the software business and over 12 years in the IT educational field he did learn that experience is the one and only thing that really, really matters.

  • GPS / geolocation knowledge
  • Design patterns
  • Object Relational mapping
  • Web Services / Middleware / Cloud computing
  • Signal processing
  • GUI / Web design
  • C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Java, PHP, Python and more
  • Node.js, Javascript, WebSockets
  • iOS, Android

Nowadays focus is on mobile development, particularly the iPhone/iPad since that development environment and hardware ecosystem is simply a pleasure to work in!